Tim Ostle

Committee Member

Tim is Commercial Director for Charterhouse responsible for all non-academic commercial activity at the School covering the highly successful Charterhouse Club, the School’s events and lettings business and onsite retail outlet. Tim has worked at Charterhouse and lived locally for over 25 years and has been heavily involved as a volunteer in the management of both Sport Godalming and Godalming Chamber at various times throughout that period. An avid sportsman throughout his life and still rowing competitively aged 58, Tim believes in using the skills and expertise learnt on and off the pitch (or water) and those of others around him to great achieve results.

A member of the Chamber since 2011, Tim subsequently joined the management team in 2012 and went on to be President from 2015 to 2017. He is passionate about the quality of life in Godalming and believes the Chamber should be central to local policy making and the local business community, be that retail, B2B or B2C.

Tim would love to see more people get involved in the Chamber. “We are a voluntary organisation with very limited time and resources led by people leading busy lives with full time jobs. A voluntary organisation like the Chamber needs a regular input of new blood to share the load and bring new ideas, expertise, drive and enthusiasm to the table. I know committees aren’t for everyone but the more people that get involved, whether as a member or by joining the management team, the stronger the organisation would be and the greater influence we would have over local matters. It can also be fun with a social side to the Chamber that makes the whole experience more enjoyable. I have made friends that I wouldn’t otherwise have met!