Full Chamber Meeting Minutes 14th Jan 2019

GCC Full Meeting Minutes 14Jan2019.[11262]

Godalming Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Full Meeting 14th January 2019, 6pm



Euan Davidson – Godalming Family Mediation

Kevin Depree – Godalming Food Company

Patsy Bell – Calico Curtains & Blinds

Alison Daniels – Hughes Waddell

Jason Smalley – The Legal Directus

Helen Jackson – The Meath Epilepsy Charity

Julie Holl ?? – Wild Learning

Richard Wainwright – Godalming Town Council

Suzie Gortier – Godalming Town Council

Janet Taylor – Cornmeter

John Taylor – Cornmeter

Stefan Reynolds – VantagePoint / GTC / WBC

Tim Ostle – Charterhouse

Greg Holder – Temple Wealth

Jenna Hopkin – Downs Solicitors


Others in Attendance:

Elizabeth Campbell – Admin

Gary Smith – Surrey Police


Euan opened the meeting with introductions:

  • Elizabeth Campbell will be doing administrative tasks for the Chamber
  • Guest Speaker – Gary Smith from Surrey Police


BID (Business Investment District)

  • Each town in Waverley will have a different BID
  • Just for businesses, not the public


Upcoming Events

  • AGM will be held on 25th Feb – Speaker will be Jim Edwards, the Economic Development Portfolio Holder for Waverley Borough Council
  • Annual Dinner will most likely be held in June – more details to follow
  • Retailers Forum – will be held in April at Kevin’s deli – open to members and non members – opportunity to promote the Chamber to non members. The forum will give retailers an opportunity to find out what’s happening on the High Street, to discuss ideas on how to improve issues and get involved with improving areas that can be improved, the focus will be on problems that can be improved – not issues like parking, rents and landlords that cannot be fixed by retailers.
  • BID Workshop – will be held on Monday, 28 Jan, 5.30pm in the Wyatt Room, Wilfrid Noyce. Suzie handed out a flyer with information on the workshop.
  • Food Festival – 7 July 2019, a whole day event with a band stand performance. Suzie will meet with Waitrose to find out if they are helping
  • Floral Godalming – Suzie confirmed this is happening – more info to follow


Developments and new businesses

  • John Taylor reported that a French patisserie will open in Subway’s place
  • Landlords are under pressure to increase rents
  • Petrol Station on Mead Road may be closing and M&S may want that space



Guest Speaker – Gary Smith from Surrey Police


Gary is a Waverley Borough Commander for Surrey Police.  His goal is to increase the response capability to emergency calls and make the neighbourhood team larger.  There are 5 dedicated response teams in WBC.  Godalming Team consists of 1 Sergeant and 6 police officers.  He is looking at doubling the number of police officers, so they can better meet the community needs and make WBC the safest it can be.  There has been a slight increase in crime this year.  Most increases are related to antisocial behaviour.  The Safer Waverley Partnership tries to improve areas to make the whole borough safer for everyone.  Police in Purpose use cadets to go to fetes and other community events to walk around and interact with the public.  Suzie will let Gary know when the town events are on so that, if possible, there can be a police presence which will also give the police an opportunity to meet the community.


Suzie explained the peddler problem at street events.  Gary will try to help.  Jenna suggested the Chamber issue stickers for all legitimate official venders to wear so the public will know which venders to support at these events.  And remind the public not to use the unofficial venders.


Gary reminded everyone to keep reporting issues to the police by calling 999 or 101.  The police do care.  Gary can be reached via the Surrey Police website: https://surrey.police.uk/waverley/ or via email on Waverley@surrey.police.uk


He says last year there were 7 reports of shoplifting per month in Godalming.


For the BID, he suggests he send out an officer to visit the town and see where improvements can be made to crime prevention.  Gary will coordinate with the Town Council to see where crime prevention can be improved.


John reported it would cost £25,000 to upgrade the town’s CCTV system.


Helen Jackson – The Meath Epilepsy Charity


This is the Chamber’s charity of the year.  The 26th of March will be Purple Day which is an epilepsy awareness day and fundraising campaign.  She would like businesses to do something special for Purple Day.


The meeting was adjourned at 7.15pm.


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