Waverley BIG Awards

Get an extra BOOST to your business: Enter the Waverley BIG Awards.

You may have already heard that Waverley Council plus 4 local Chambers and several sponsors are getting together to promote local businesses like yours.

Why Enter:

  • Awards are a way to get noticed and get recognised as a great local business
  • Just entering an award can be a big morale boost for you and your team, highlighting your successes
  • Shortlisted finalists will get local press publicity, as well as a video that you can use to promote your business.  Having a high quality video is an additional way for you to use to promote your business, both for customers and for your growing business – for potential employees.
  • Additional news is that the Waverley BIG Awards are FREE awards to enter

All of this adds up to BIG recognition for local business

A bit more about the awards:

As a business based fairly close to Guildford, many local businesses both benefit and suffer from the “pull” of Guildford.  The Waverley BIG Awards are away of highlighting some of the AMAZING businesses in our area.  But as the saying goes “you’ve got to be in it to win it” … and by the way – all shortlisted finalists get a 60 second video.

There are several categories for entering (and you can enter more than one category):

  • Staff Engagement, Education & Empowerment
  • Innovation
  • Customer Delight
  • Community Partnership
  • Plus there is the “President’s Award” for one outstanding business in each region.

You may know, your team may know, and your existing customers may know … exactly how good you are delighting your customers. – but for many businesses it would be beneficial if more people knew – and became customers.  Let the awards be a way of promoting your business.  So, if your business is innovative in some way, or if you consider yourself a great employer, or if you’re doing a pretty awesome job of giving back to the local community.  Take a moment to download the application.

These awards are FREE to enter.  Having worked with local business owners now for a number of years, Local Business Coach Angus Lyon says “I know that just completing the form will be valuable”.  So enter now.

Entries are open until 1st September,

And a quick “save the date”:  The Waverley BIG Awards Gala Dinner is on the evening of the 19th October.  It’s hosted by Lythe Hill Hotel and Spa.

How to enter

Goto to https://waverleybigawards.com/entry-forms/ to download an entry form.   And apply for one or all of the awards.

Never entered an award before?   Never been recognised before for all the good work you do?  Don’t worry, now is your chance to shine.   Just tell us about your business and why you think you should win.

Remember it is free to enter (unlike many other awards) we want to recognise local businesses serving the community.  And simply by entering you stand a chance of winning.

Need some help with your entry?  If you are a member of the Chamber, Angus Lyon will help you complete the form.   No guarantees you will win ☺  But he does guarantee to help point you in the right direction.

Who is Angus?

Angus Lyon is a Chamber member in Godalming.  He’s a local Business Coach specialising working with Architects, Designers and Family Businesses.  He’s  passionate about supporting local business – and is working with the Chamber to support these awards.  He’s willing to have a chat and support you with your application – whatever business you’re in.  Contact Angus:  angus@jofel.co.uk


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